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Productivity 2000 Series PLC Debug Mode

The productivity suite programming software has a debug mode. This will allow you to view and control the rung execution on your ladder logic code. These programming tools allow you to troubleshoot, find, and correct errors in the PLC programming logic.
Productivity 2000 Series PLC Debug ModeWe will be adding a couple of rungs to our exiting start-stop circuit we created last time in our productivity 2000 PLC. Using the debug mode we will explain the scan of the PLC and use these tools to sequence the logic. Let’s get started.

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Productivity 2000 Series PLC – P2000 Hardware

The Productivity 2000 series of programmable logic controllers has a slim DIN rail density form factor. This means that this micro-modular PLC can have a power supply, CPU, and seven IO modules in only 10-1/2 inches. Input and output cards can be installed, removed, or replaced without turning the power off to the PLC system. (Hot-swappable) This means that your system can remain running while troubleshooting your system hardware. The Productivity 2000 hardware supports up to 240 local I/O for discrete, analog, and motion applications with a high-performance CPU equipped with five communications ports and 29 discrete and analog I/O modules. Several remote IO options are available on this award-winning PLC in the Productivity series family.
Productivity 2000 Series PLC - P2000 Hardware FeaturesProductivity 1000 (Stackable Micro PLC)
Productivity 2000 (Micro Modular Programmable Controller)
Productivity 3000 (Modular Programmable Controller)
These three series by FACTS engineering currently make up the Productivity Series PLC from Automation Direct.
We will be looking at the features of the powerful P2000 controller. Let’s start by looking at the P2000 hardware.