BRX (Do-More) PLC PID with PWM Output

A Proportional-Integral-Derivative algorithm is a generic Control Loop feedback formula widely used in industrial control systems. A PID algorithm attempts to correct the error between a measured process variable and the desired setpoint by calculating and then outputting a corrective action that can adjust the process accordingly and rapidly, to keep the Error to a … Read more

Click PLC PID Instruction and Autotuning

A PID (Proportional, Integral, and Derivative) control is possible with the Click PLC. The Click Programming Software version 2.50 now includes PID. This features 8 full-featured control loops with an easy graphical user interface (GUI). PID will run on all of the Ethernet-enabled Click PLCs. We will be using this PID along with a Factory … Read more

Who Wants to Learn About On Off and PID Control?

Process control can be a bit intimidating. We will try and break down both On/Off and PID control in a fun way. This is a simple analogy without any math. On-Off Control Explained On/Off control can be used effectively with temperature control. Everyone’s house usually has a temperature controller that uses an On/Off control. The … Read more