Click PLC Serial Communication Timing

Click PLC Serial Communication Timing

Many questions come from serial communications using the Click PLC. Most of these questions deal with communication timing when using multiple send-and-receive instructions. We will show you how to deal with serial communication timing in the Click PLC. Receive and Send instructions will allow you to send and receive serial data to an external device. … Read more

Click Plus Software Installation Version 3.00

Click Plus Software Installation

The Click Plus PLC has now been released. This can only be programmed with version 3.00 or higher of the Click Programming Software. Version 3.00 will program all of the Click PLC CPU units and add additional features to the Click Ethernet CPU units. Features of the new Click PLUS PLC (C2-0xCPU) includes the following: … Read more

Click PLC Modbus ASCII Protocol Communication

click plc modbus ascii

We will now look at the click plc modbus ascii protocol. This communication will happen in PLC ladder logic and communicate through the serial port (RS485) to a Solo process temperature controller. Modbus ASCII will be the communication protocol. Modbus is a communication method used for transmitting information over serial lines between electronic devices. The … Read more

Click PLC to Stride Modbus TCP Remote IO

We will now look at the Click PLC Modbus TCP remote io. The Click PLC can use remote inputs and outputs from Stride. The Stride Field I/O Modules are simple and compact. They provide an economical means to connect inputs and outputs to an Ethernet Modbus TCP communication network. Every module operates as a standalone … Read more

Click PLC PID Instruction and Autotuning

A PID (Proportional, Integral, and Derivative) control is possible with the Click PLC. The Click Programming Software version 2.50 now includes PID. This features 8 full-featured control loops with an easy graphical user interface (GUI). PID will run on all of the Ethernet-enabled Click PLCs. We will be using this PID along with a Factory … Read more

Click PLC Analog Dusk to Dawn Program Example

Click PLC Analog Dusk to Dawn Program Example

A dusk to dawn sensor usually is discrete on/off of the lighting control. If we want to vary the lights to mimic more of the sunset and rise, we would use an analog output to control the lights. I was recently asked about such a program. Every day they wanted the lights to go off … Read more