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ACC Automation 2019 Review

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It is a good time to be in the automation business. Technologies are merging and communicating like never before. What was impossible is now possible for the industrial plant floor. We are looking forward to the New Year and new possibilities for implementing your control solution.
Each year we like to take a few minutes and reflect on the past, current, and future of ACC Automation. You have helped us to build the site that you see today through questions, comments, and suggestions. Thank you.
2019 has been our best year yet thanks to you.

Digital Meter

Trumeter ADM100 Series Graphical Panel Meter

The Trumeter ADM100 Series Graphical Panel Meters provide the visual representation of an analog meter and the accuracy of a digital meter all in one unit.
These meters feature a programmable bar graph and alarms to immediately alert operators when a parameter is out of range. In addition, a four-character messaging area displays custom messages, alarms, and annunciators.
Trumeter ADM100 Series Graphical Panel Meter
Every meter is configurable to measure voltage, current or frequency. The M100-Lx model is for use with a low voltage power supply, and the ADM100-Hx is for use with mains power. Both models offer two LCD options – positive LCD for bright conditions or negative LCD for dark environments.
We will be looking at unboxing the unit, powering it up, installing the software, and setting and communicating to the Trumeter AMD100 Series Graphical Panel Meter. Let’s get started.