Integrating XY-MD02 Sensor Modbus RTU Click PLC

Integrating an XY-MD02 Sensor with Modbus RTU into Click PLC

Using Modbus RTU (RS485), we will connect the XY-MD02 Temperature and Humidity Sensor to the Click PLC. The Click will be the Client (Master), and the Sensor will be the Server (Slave). This is an ideal sensor to place in a panel to ensure that the panel is within a working temperature and humidity range. … Read more

How to Program a Sorting Station – Click PLC

How to Program a Sorting Station - Click PLC

The sorting station box selection (camera management and distribution) is just one of many machines in the EasyPLC Machine Simulator (MS). This sorting station will read barcodes from the boxes and send them to different exit ramps. The Click programming software will be used to program this Click PLUS PLC. Modbus TCP (Ethernet) will connect … Read more

Streamline Programming Do-More EasyPLC Transfer

Streamline Your Programming with Do-More PLC EasyPLC Easy Transfer Line

The EasyPLC Software Suite is a comprehensive package with PLC, HMI, and Machine Simulator software. It features a Machine Simulator (MS) that allows virtual communication with many programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in a 3D world with real-time graphics and physical properties. Our PLC programming example will follow the five steps to PLC program development. We … Read more

PLC Program Sequence for Efficient Robot Loading

PLC Program Sequence for Efficient Robot Loading Operations

Integrating automation and robotics has revolutionized modern industrial processes, particularly material handling. The EasyPLC Machine Simulator Robot Loader, which loads boxes onto skids in manufacturing facilities, can be used to help learn PLC programming. This 3D simulation robot loader communicates with a Click PLC through Modbus TCP (Ethernet) communication, enabling seamless coordination and control. The … Read more

PLC Multi Conveyor Feed Control Demystified!

PLC Multi Conveyor Feed Control Demystified!

Multi-conveyor feed control is a critical aspect of industrial automation that allows for the efficient and effective movement of materials from one process to another. It involves the coordination of multiple conveyors to ensure that the right amount of material is transferred at the right time to the next stage in the manufacturing process. Bottlenecks, … Read more

Click to Click PLC Communication – Remote IO

Click to Click PLC Communication

We will connect two Click PLUS PLCs and communicate in three different ways. Using the send and receive commands, we will set up one PLC to be the master (client) and communicate with the slave (server). WiFi, Ethernet, and Serial communication will share common memory areas between the Click PLCs. The send and receive commands … Read more