C-More Micro HMI Object List Shapes

The C-More Micro HMI Panel software uses virtual components called Objects. These objects are programmable to simulate the functions that you require on your automation project. Pushbuttons, switches, meters and graphs are just a few of the objects that are available to you.

We can place several of these objects on one panel screen and have multiple panel screens. This helps you produce simple, intuitive looking human machine interfaces.
We will be looking at our program we have so far developed (Simulate Project) and add shapes to our blank page. The navigation of the objects and additional information will also be discussed. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

PLC Fiddle Math Challenge

PLC programming will often involve math equations that need to be solved. Every manufacturer of programmable logic controllers will include math logic for you to use in your programs. Numbering systems play an important role. You can usually perform math using BCD (Binary Coded Decimal), Binary or Floating Point. Here is a link that will review the numbering systems in the PLC:
What everyone ought to know about PLC numbering systems

PLC Fiddles provides four basic BCD math and a move function for our circuits. Add, Subtract, Multiply Divide and Move. We will look at these math instructions and show you the parameters required to program them. Our math challenges will help you gain a good understanding of how we can use math in the PLC. Trying these challenges with PLC Fiddle is fun and will help you with PLC programming.
Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

Productivity 1000 Series PLC Array Functions Part 2

An array is a storage area for a group of common data type tags. They usually have some relationship to each other and need to be manipulated as a group.
Last time we defined an array and use this in an indirect addressing program. It sequenced bits in an output card indirectly. In this second part we will be looking at the following instructions:
Array Statistics (STA) – This will perform operations such as Summing, Averaging, Minimum Value and Median Value on an Array.
Copy Array (CPA) – Copy a block of 1 or 2 dimensional arrays into a destination array.
Fill Array (FLA) – Copy a value to a block of array elements
Shift / Rotate Array (SRA) – Concurrently Shift or Rotate values in an Array.
Let’s get started with the Productivity 1000 Series PLC arrays part 2. Continue Reading!

C-More Micro HMI Simulate Project

The C-More Micro HMI Panel software has a simulation mode. This simulator will allow you to test your project before transferring it to a panel. Testing your application is a vital step in HMI program development. This feature of the software will save you time and money especially if your hardware is not available.
The simulator will display two windows. There is a graphical display of your HMI panel and a simulation control window. The control window will allow you to control variables in the project similar to a PLC.

We will be looking at our program developed last time (Common Control Menu) and use the simulator to mimic how the PLC and HMI Panel will communicate in the field. This will help to detect any problems before we transfer to our panel. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

PLC Fiddle Counter Challenge

Counters are used in a lot of PLC programs that I have seen. A timing chart is the secret behind understanding of the counter that you need in your application. Making a timing chart before writing the program will ensure that all of the information will be accounted. The secret to using counters is a good review of using these timing charts.

PLC Fiddle has three different counter instructions for us to use in our programs. Count UP, Count Down and Reset. We will discuss the counter parameters and the three different instructions. Our counter challenges will help you gain a good understanding of how counters work in the PLC. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!