Create an Analog Voltage Input Tester for a PLC

Create an Analog Voltage Input Tester for a PLC

We will create a simple and inexpensive analog voltage tester for a PLC using a potentiometer and a 9VDC battery. The potentiometer will be 5K ohms. This should be enough impedance for most analog inputs of the programmable logic controller. (PLC) Voltage impedance for analog voltage inputs is in the megaohm range where the current … Read more

What are the Different PLC Programming Languages

PLC programs are typically written in a particular application on a personal computer, then downloaded to the PLC. This downloaded program is similar to compiled code to keep the program efficient. The program is stored in the PLC in battery-backed-up RAM or non-volatile flash memory. Five Different PLC Programming Languages Albert Einstein said, “The world … Read more

Five Steps to PLC Program Development

steps plc program development

Programming a PLC can sometimes be a daunting task. The best method is to break the task into smaller steps. These are the steps that I have used for years to develop PLC programs. We will apply them to a die-stamping application. Step 1 – Define the task: What has to happen? This is written … Read more

How PLC Inputs Work – Discrete and Analog

This post is a further follow-up from my original ‘Here’s a Quick Way to Understand PLC Inputs and Outputs.’ There are two different kinds of PLC inputs, Discrete and analog. Discrete inputs are either ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’; 1 or 0. You can think of them as a single switch. Analog inputs have a range to … Read more

Here’s a Quick Way to Wire NPN and PNP devices

Here’s a Quick Way to Wire NPN and PNP devices I often get asked how to wire NPN and PNP devices to the programmable logic controller. This can be unclear at first when looking at the wiring diagrams. I have managed to destroy a few sensors in the process….. so let’s get started, and I … Read more

Building a PLC Program That You Can Be Proud Of – Part 1

What is the best way to program a PLC?  My answer is simple. The best way is one in which someone can look at your program and understand it. I cannot stress the need for good documentation of your program enough. The best programs are ones that I can return to after several years and … Read more