Productivity Numbering Systems and Tag Database

We will now look at the tag numbering systems used with the Productivity controller. The Productivity Suite Software allows us to use tags in the PLC. Tags are a method for assigning and referencing memory locations (numbering systems) within the programmable logic controller. They allow a more structured programming approach and are stored within a … Read more

Productivity Monitoring and Testing the Program

We will now look at monitoring and testing our productivity program. The Productivity Suite Software provides tools for us to monitor and test our programs. Last time we used Tag Names and Details, Task Names and Descriptions, Rung Comments, and Instruction comments to document our first program and transferred this to our connected Productivity 1000 … Read more

BRX Do-More PLC Online Editing and Debug Mode

We will now look at online editing and the powerful debug mode of our BRX Do-More controller. Our first program for the BRX Do-More PLC involved a start-stop jog circuit. We will now use the Do-More Designer Software to modify this program while the PLC is scanning the logic. This is referred to as online … Read more

How to Troubleshoot a PLC – Ladder Logic

We will look at how to troubleshoot a plc racing condition. Two examples are explained in racing conditions in the PLC. The PLC will update only at the end of the program logic. Items set will not happen until the I/O is refreshed. How to trigger events when you want them is discussed. Your control … Read more