Arduino Uno Super Starter Kit LEDs

We will now be looking at LEDs that we can wire and program using our Arduino Uno super starter kit. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor devices that will show light when current passes through them. This light is produced within the solid semiconductor material so it can be called a solid-state lighting device.
Arduino Uno Super Starter Kit LEDs
We will be looking at the wiring of LEDs with our breadboard. Different resistor values will be used to change the LED light brightness. We will discuss how we can calculate the amount of current passing through our LED.
An RGB LED and Red LED will then be wired to our Arduino UNO. The brightness and color of our LEDs will then be changed through the programming of the Arduino Uno. PWM outputs will be used in our program (sketch). Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

Productivity Open P1AM Web Server

We will now look at the productivity Arduino Ethernet web server that we will implement on our Productivity Open P1AM industrial Arduino controller.
Productivity Open P1AM Web Server
This P1AM Web Server Example is based on an example found here. This example uses the productivity open P1AM-ETH shield to create a web server that displays the input values of a P1-08SIM and P1-04THM to a web page. This page is automatically updated every 3 seconds. The IP address of the webserver is set in the Arduino program (Sketch) Entering this IP address in your browser to view the web page. This will display the information from our Arduino P1AM on our web browser. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

BRX Do-More PLC HTTP Web Server – Website

We will now look at the BRX Do-More PLC Web Server. Ethernet equipped BRX CPUs and the Do-More Designer Simulator can now have a web server. This can be accessed by any web browser using the IP address of the BRX Do-More CPU.
A web server is server software or hardware dedicated to running this software, that can satisfy client requests on an Ethernet network. A web server can contain one or more websites and websites can have several web pages. A web server processes incoming network requests over HTTP and several other related protocols.
BRX Do-More PLC HTTP Web Server
The website built into the BRX Do-More has several different tabs that have basic information about the system, status information like warnings and errors, input and outputs, system logs, user logs, and user pages. We will be enabling the webserver on our BRX Do-More PLC and showing the information that is available. This is a great tool for troubleshooting the PLC as you will see. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!