P1AM Industrial Arduino GPIO Inputs and Outputs

The P1AM-GPIO is an industrial rated shield for the P1AM-100 Arduino system. It provides a connection from most of the P1AM-100 GPIO pins to the front 18 position terminal block connector. We will be looking at the wiring and programming of this input and output industrial rated shield that mounts on the left side of … Read more

Productivity Open P1AM Arduino Operators

Operators in your Arduino sketches (programs) consist of comparison blocks, concatenate strings, bitwise operators, string conversion, ‘not’ operator, and compound operators. These operations generally will be used with other instructions in your sketch. It is important to understand what instructions are available and what they are designed to accomplish. We will be looking at each … Read more

Productivity Open P1AM Arduino Program Control

Arduino programs (sketches) can be written in thousands of different ways. The best Arduino program control will be determined by the purpose of your program and what you are trying to accomplish. To simplify the logic we will be looking at program control that can be achieved using productivity blocks. Program control will look at … Read more

Productivity Open P1AM Arduino Serial Monitor COM

We will now look at the Arduino serial monitor com. This serial communication is good for troubleshooting and displaying information to you or your operators. The Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) has a built-in pop-up serial monitor. The serial monitor can be used to receive and send serial data to our Arduino program. This can … Read more

Productivity P1AM Arduino Variables Data Types

We will look at Arduino variables data types that can be used with our P1AM unit. Data types in the C++ language are used to determine the variable or function applied for the given type. The type will determine the size of the storage (bits), and the method to interpret the information. Microprocessors can only … Read more

Productivity Open P1AM Arduino First Program

The P1AM-100 industrial controller is programmed with the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). We installed the Arduino IDE, P1AM-100 library and ProductivityBlocks. Using this software we will be setting it up to program our P1AM Arduino industrial controller. The Boards Manager will be used to set up our P1AM-100 Arduino board. We will then ensure … Read more