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Productivity 2000 Series PLC Tag Database

The Productivity Suite Software allows us to use tags in the PLC. Tags are a method for assigning and referencing memory locations (numbering systems) within the programmable logic controller. They allow a more structured programming approach and are stored within a tag database. The tag database is stored in the memory of the Productivity Series of PLCs from Automation Direct. Do not overthink tags. Tags are just names assigned to variables of any data type stored in the PLC memory.
Productivity 2000 Series PLC Tag Database
We will now look at the tag numbering systems and database used with the Productivity 2000 controller. Let’s get started. Keep on Reading!

Productivity PLC Node-RED MQTT – P1000 / P2000

We will be using an MQTT broker in Node-RED to communicate to the productivity PLC clients. MQTT stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport. This simple ‘publish and subscribe’ communication protocol does not take too many resources.
Constrained devices with low bandwidth are ideal for MQTT. This protocol provides machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, perfect for the Internet of Things. (IoT) This protocol is not for remote IO or real-time (deterministic) applications. MQTT is a good solution for applications that move data from hundreds or thousands of machines (sensors) to clients in many networks.
Productivity PLC Node-RED MQTT - P1000 / P2000
We will be installing and programming the AEDES MQTT Broker in Node-RED. A productivity P2000, P1000, and Node-RED will be the clients communicating to the broker. The PLC simulator inputs on each controller will control the outputs on the other controller. This will demonstrate the communication capability for publishing and subscribing to this IoT platform. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

Productivity 2000 Series PLC Online Programming

The Productivity Suite Software allows us to modify our existing program and execute the new code without stopping the scanning of the PLC. This is referred to as online programming or editing. We change the ladder logic code and when we save it to the PLC, the current scan of the PLC is held until the new code is written into the unit. It then releases the scan and our new program starts to execute. This happens in milliseconds so our process can continue to operate.
Productivity 2000 Series PLC Online Programming
We will be taking our existing Start / Stop circuit from last time and add a Jog input using online programming. Changing the program online is a common method of programming. The documentation will also be changed during this online program change. Let’s get started. Keep on Reading!

Productivity 2000 Series PLC Program Documentation

Previously we created our first program using the Productivity Suite Software and transferred this to our connected Productivity 2000 Series PLC. One of the most important aspects of programming the PLC is to document. This will aid you and your team in programming, troubleshooting, and modifying the automation control system. Your documentation should read like a book so information can be quickly obtained when required. Time spent on the PLC documentation will be priceless when you go to read your program in 1, 3, or 10 years from now. The Productivity Suite software provides several different methods for documenting your PLC program.
Productivity 2000 Series PLC Program Documentation
Tag Names and Details, Task Names and Descriptions, Rung Comments and Instruction comments are the ways that we will be looking at documenting our PLC program. Let’s get started. Keep on Reading!

Productivity 2000 Series PLC Software Install

The Productivity 2000 Series PLC uses the Productivity Suite Software. The software can be downloaded free of charge. It is the full package without restrictions or limitations.
Productivity 2000 Series PLC Software Install
The latest Productivity Suite software version is 3.10.2(1). Automation Direct has put over 20 years of programmable controller software experience along with customer suggestions and feedback into this programming package. It has great features that we will be exploring as we program our Productivity 2000 Series PLC.
This is the same software that will program the entire Productivity Series of programmable logic controllers.
Productivity 2000 Series PLC Software Install
Productivity 1000 P1 (Stackable Micro PLC) P1000
Productivity 2000 P2 (Micro Modular Programmable Controller) P2000
Productivity 3000 P3 (Modular Programmable Controller) P3000
We will be installing and reviewing the Productivity Suite software version 3.10.2(1). Let’s get started. Keep on Reading!

ACC Automation 2021 Review – Industrial Control

Accelerate Learning …
Accelerate Machines…
Accelerate Knowledge…
ACC Automation

In this Covid-19 world, we are continuing to adapt. Social distancing, mask-wearing, hygiene, etc are the way we currently live. Video conferencing with Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet are the norm in business today. Information is knowledge, and everyone more than ever wants to be able to see, control and summarize production data on a regular basis. Open intuitive technologies are available to communicate like never before. Industrial plant data is rapidly changing. Factory 4.0 benefits are being seen and everyone wants to take advantage. We are looking forward to the New Year and new possibilities for implementing your control solution.
Raspberry Pi Serial Port Programming - ACC Automation
Each year we like to take a few minutes and reflect on the past, current, and future of ACC Automation. You have helped us to build the site that you see today through questions, comments, and suggestions. Thank you. Keep on Reading!