PLC Program Example – Paint Spraying

We will look at a PLC basic tutorial of a paint spraying station. Following the five steps to program development, this PLC programming example should fully explain the procedure for developing the PLC program logic. Ladder logic will be our PLC programming language. We will use the Do-more Designer software, which comes with a simulator. … Read more

PLC Program Example – Shift Register (Conveyor)

We apply the five steps of PLC development to a plc shift register example. This PLC programming example will use a shift register to reject a product on a conveyor. When programming a PLC, you need to track what has previously happened. Shift registers allow you to do just that. We will look at a … Read more

PLC Programming Example – Process Mixer

We will apply the five steps to PLC Program development to our following programming example of a process mixer. The process mixer will be programmed using ladder logic. We will discuss each step of the PLC program development. 1 – Define the task: How does the process mixer work? A normally open start and normally … Read more

Five Steps to PLC Program Development

steps plc program development

Programming a PLC can sometimes be a daunting task. The best method is to break the task into smaller steps. These are the steps that I have used for years to develop PLC programs. We will apply them to a die-stamping application. Step 1 – Define the task: What has to happen? This is written … Read more

Now You Can Have Data Logging Free

A data logger is also known as a data recorder or data acquisition. It is a method to record data over some time and events. The recorded information can come from sensors in the field. They can be digital or analog. Digital data can be used for counts, times, events (motor overload), etc. With the … Read more

How to Send Email to SMTP Server (VB6)

Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is the email protocol for sending information. We can use this ability to email from our data logged from the PLC. Faults or errors the PLC detects can be emailed to individuals for correction. Shift reports on productivity can be automatically emailed to recipients. Note: Google is removing “Less Secured … Read more