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Modbus RTU Click PLC Master to BRX Do-More Slave

We will now use Modbus RTU to connect a Click Master to a BRX Do-More Slave controller.  Recently I was asked to demonstrate communication between a Click PLC and BRX Do-More PLC using Modbus RTU. Both PLCs are available from automation direct com. Modbus serial communication (Modbus RTU) is a standard protocol used in many automation devices. It works on a Master / Slave configuration. You can have only one master per network on Modbus RTU (Remote Terminal Unit). A maximum of 32 devices (Nodes) on the network can communicate to the master. A review of the Modbus RTU protocol (RTU frames) can be seen at the following URL.
Using the Click PLC as a Master we will be communicating to the BRX Do-More PLC (Slave). Our example will read 10 registers from the BRX Do-More PLC and write 10 registers to the Click PLC. Let’s get started! Keep on Reading!

Click PLC Establish Communication

So far in this series, we have discussed the Click PLC System Hardware (Video) and Installed the Software (Video). Today we will be establishing PC to PLC communications. This will allow us to program, edit or alter the way in which our Click PLC will function.  Keep on Reading!