MOSAIC Safety Controller Emergency Stop

The MOSAIC Modular Safety Integrated Controller can be programmed for your safety control application. Steps to programming our MOSAIC include writing the program, verification, simulation, downloading and monitoring. We will be looking at the E-STOP instruction part of our program.

Our first program included writing, verifying, simulating and monitoring our MOSAIC Safety emergency stop switch and status indication. (feedback) We will now modify our E-STOP in our circuit and discuss redundancy, short circuit protection, and manual reset. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

C-More EA9 HMI Series Panel Object List Meters and Graphs

The C-More HMI Panel software uses virtual components called Objects. These objects are programmable to simulate the functions that you require on your automation project. Pushbuttons, switches, meters, and graphs are just a few of the objects that are available to you.

We will now look at the object list meters and graphs that we can use with our HMI panel. The meter and graph objects that are available on the C-More EA9 are Line Trend Graph, Analog Meter, Bar/Circle Meter, PID Faceplate Bar Meter, and PID Faceplate Trend Meter. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

Wiring an Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor to the Click PLC

An ultrasonic sensor (switch) is able to detect object presence without physical contact (limit switch). No physical contact means that the switch has no parts that will wear out. The life span of the sensor is increased with less maintenance.
An ultrasonic sensor will use sound waves to detect objects. These sound waves are at a level that we cannot hear. Distance is measured by the time it takes to send and receive the ultrasonic wave. Objects can be measured the same no matter what the colour, transparency, shininess, or lighting conditions of the application.

We will be wiring an ultrasonic sensor into the input of our Click PLC. This will include a discrete and analog input signal. The UK1F-E7-0A is an 18mm diameter sensor that has a PNP N.O./N.C. selectable output with analog output of 0 -10 VDC. The sensing distance is 200mm to 2200mm and has a one-hertz switching capacity. A 4-pin M12 quick disconnect is available but we will be wiring in our 2m wired version. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!