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Firmware is usually PLC operating system code that is written into a read only memory. The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) of a PC (personal computer) is a good example of firmware. It provides the low level interface between the hardware and software. The Click PLC firmware comes with the programming software.
Click PLC Update Firmware
We will be updating our firmware of our Click PLC from 2.10 to 2.30. Let’s get started!

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The programming software and manuals can be downloaded from the Automation Direct website free of charge.

Connect to the Click PLC

Click PLC Update Firmware
When we first start the click plc software we are given an option to connect to PLC. Select this option.
Click PLC Update Firmware
We are connecting through the Ethernet port of the Click PLC. Select connect.
Click PLC Update Firmware
A warning message is displayed if the program in the software and PLC do not match. We will read the project from the PLC. Select OK.

Update Firmware

Click PLC Update Firmware
We are now online with the PLC. Call up the ‘Update Firmware’ by selecting from the main menu | PLC | Update Firmware… You can also get to this selection by using the PLC tab under the Navigation Menu. Select Update Firmware. See figure above.
Click PLC Update Firmware
Our update firmware window will now be displayed. You will see the current firmware available in the software and the current firmware version in the PLC. Hitting refresh will read the version in the PLC again. We will be updating from version 2.10 to 2.30.
Hitting the View Firmware History…
Click PLC Update Firmware
This will show you the new features of the firmware that we will be installing. Hit Close to close the firmware history window.
Hit Update on our Update Firmware window.
Click PLC Update Firmware
Updating the firmware must be done in stop mode of the PLC. Switch the mode switch and then press Yes.
Note: Our program that we have saved previously will have to be downloaded to the PLC after our firmware update has been completed. This will erase the program in the PLC.

Our update will now start.
Click PLC Update Firmware
A CLICK Programming Software window will indicate that the firmware update was successful. Hit OK.
Verify the Firmware Update
Call the Update Firmware window again.
Click PLC Update Firmware
Our PLC now has been updated to the newest version.
Download Program
Ladder Logic Programming
Download the program back into the Click PLC.
Ladder Logic Programming
We have now successfully updated our click PLC firmware.
Ladder Logic Programming
Watch the video below to see the Click PLC firmware get updated.

Click PLC Support Links

The Click PLC can be programmed using free Click programming software from Automation Direct. Here is a link to the software.
The following links will help you to install the software and establish communication.
The entire Click PLC series can be found at the following URL:

Watch on YouTube: Click PLC – Update Firmware

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