Top 7 problems with beginners using ladder logic

Here are the top 7 problems and concepts beginners struggle with using ladder logic (Ladder Diagram). Ladder logic is a programming language used in PLCs, and it is based on the graphical representation of electrical relay logic circuits. Many beginners struggle with ladder logic because it requires a different mindset than traditional programming languages like … Read more

Streamline Programming Do-More EasyPLC Transfer

Streamline Your Programming with Do-More PLC EasyPLC Easy Transfer Line

The EasyPLC Software Suite is a comprehensive package with PLC, HMI, and Machine Simulator software. It features a Machine Simulator (MS) that allows virtual communication with many programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in a 3D world with real-time graphics and physical properties. Our PLC programming example will follow the five steps to PLC program development. We … Read more

EasyPLC Solder Robot PLC Programming

EasyPLC Solder Robot PLC Programming

The Machine Simulator (MS) is part of the EasyPLC software suite. It has many built-in machines that are used to show different programming techniques. The solder robot example is one of these machines. This will demonstrate a sequencer robot example. In this case, four rivets are welded using a robot. The logic will step through … Read more

3 Steps to PLC Programming – Learning

3 Steps to PLC Programming - Learning

You’ve had this idea for years since you were a kid. You want to be an electrical engineer, and you’re finally going to follow through on it and learn PLC programming to start your career off right! What? That’s what you thought, anyway. But then you started googling around, trying to figure out how to … Read more

EasyPLC Machine Editor – Design a Simulation

EasyPLC Machine Editor - Design a Simulation

EasyPLC comes with many prebuilt machines for you to develop the programming logic. These can be modified, or new custom machines can be programmed using the machine editor. The machine editor comes as a standard feature of the EasyPLC Software Suite. The EasyPLC Machines Simulator editor is an easy-to-use tool enabling you to create easy, … Read more

EasyPLC Palletizing Robot Programming Click PLC

EasyPLC Palletizing Robot Programming Click PLC

The EasyPLC palletizing robot will demonstrate sequencing and robot control using a PLC. This palletization process will fill a box container with six cans. A servo-controlled gantry robot using x and y is used to do this operation. The complete box will then travel along to another conveyor to an unloading area. A robot will … Read more