Learn 4 Basic Variable Types in PLC Programming

Learn the 4 Basic Variable Types in PLC Programming

There are four fundamental variable types in PLC programming: Boolean, Integer, Real, and String. This is a universal concept for all PLC programming but needs to be clarified due to the acronyms and various names used by manufacturers and PLC hardware. Your controller programming manual will help you understand the terms of the variables in … Read more

Parking Cars Simulator PLC Programming Part 2

Parking Cars Simulator PLC Programming Part 2

We began using the five steps to PLC programming development in part 1 for the parking cars simulator. This involved determining what must be done, looking at the inputs and outputs, and developing the sequence of operation. Automated car parking is a great way to learn PLC programming. It is easily understood how this system … Read more

How to Connect Pushbutton Switch to PLC

How to Connect Pushbutton Switch to Programmable Controller

We will connect a lighted pushbutton switch to a programmable logic controller (PLC). Using our Click PLUS PLC, we will be assembling, wiring, programming, and testing our pushbutton switch system. The Fuji Electric pushbutton, normally open (NC) contact, will be wired to the first PLC (X1) input. The LED light will connect to the Click … Read more

Click PLC Analog Input Non-Linear Scaling

Click PLC Analog Input Non-Linear Scaling

The Click PLC has automatic linear scaling for the analog inputs and outputs. What if the analog input or output is not linear? How do you handle this in the PLC? Look at the following tank. We can measure the height, which is linear, but the volume will not because of the shape of the … Read more

EasyPLC Software Suite – Quick Start

EasyPLC Quick Start Software Suite

The EasyPLC Software Suite is a complete PLC, HMI, and Machine Simulator. This quick start aims to help you quickly learn this software suite. The manual that comes with EasyPLC Software Suite can always be referenced when required. We will be using the simple conveyor in the machine simulator. The EasyPLC PLC will be used … Read more

PLC Learning Series – HMI – Interfacing

PLC Learning Series – HMI

A human-machine interface (HMI) is present in some form for every PLC. The HMI connects a user to a machine system to exchange information or control data. This interaction with the system can be through hardware or software. HMIs offer different people information and control in many ways for the automated system. Operators, supervisors, mechanics, … Read more