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C-More Micro HMI Common Screen Menu

Allowing operators of your HMI (Human Machine Interface) panel to easily navigate all of the information available is a vital part of programming. We want to present the information to the operator so they will clearly understand the programmed operation of the unit. Common menus on the HMI panel pages will allow the quick navigation, understanding and control that your operators want. When programming operator interfaces I have always heard to use the KISS method. (Keep it stupidly simple.) Your HMI program interface could contain hundreds of pages containing vital information for operator understanding and control, but you must make it easily accessible and intuitive. This is how you design and program a good HMI panel display.

We will be creating a common screen menu for our C-More Micro HMI Panel using the C-More Micro programming software. Using our previous program created we will be making a background screen to act as our menu system. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

C-More Micro HMI First Program Part 2

Previously we put our first program (Video) into the C-More Micro HMI Panel using the C-More Micro programming software. The Do-More Designer Simulator was used with a modified Start Stop Jog Circuit so we can use our HMI screen to control the output as well as the inputs on the PLC. This communication was done via Ethernet with the Modbus TCP protocol.

We will now look at PLC to Panel and Panel to PLC communications. This will allow us to control the screen page number, beeper and back light of the panel from the PLC. We will also get notification of the same as well as key press information from the HMI panel. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!