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C-More EA9 HMI Series Headless RHMI Panel

The C-More EA9 HMI Panel now comes in a headless version. (EA9-RHMI) All of the great features that are already built into the EA9 are available with the new headless model. This unit can be mounted within the cabinet and you can decide how to display the information.

This user-friendly, time-saving software platform allows your system data to now be shown to the operators in new ways thanks to the C-More headless HMI panel. Capabilities like data logging, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), secure email, remote HMI and data sharing can now be added to existing PLC hardware.

We will be unboxing this EA9-RHMI unit. Once power is supplied to the unit we will then establish communication and save the program. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

C-More EA9 HMI Series Panel Web Server and Remote Access

The C-More HMI Panel can function as a simple web server. A web server includes software and hardware that will respond to World Wide Web client requests. The communication used between client and server takes place using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. (HTTP). Information generally takes the form of pages that may include images, style sheets and scripts in addition to the page text contents. Remote access will allow for viewing or controlling the C-More EA9 HMI. We can use any windows based machine or use the C-More remote HMI App from Apple iTunes store, Google Play or Amazon App Store for mobile devices.

We will turn on the webserver functionality in our HMI panel. Using a web browser (Chrome), we will connect to our C-More EA9 HMI. We will then download the remote access software from the website. We will then run this remote access software to control our existing HMI program. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!