PLC Learning Series – HMI – Interfacing

PLC Learning Series – HMI

A human-machine interface (HMI) is present in some form for every PLC. The HMI connects a user to a machine system to exchange information or control data. This interaction with the system can be through hardware or software. HMIs offer different people information and control in many ways for the automated system. Operators, supervisors, mechanics, … Read more

Suppanel Android HMI to Click PLC

Suppanel is an Android app that is used to create a human machine interface (HMI). This HMI panel can be created on your computer, tablet or phone using the appropriate operating system or software. You can use this software to create panels that you can control or modify values in your automated system. These panels … Read more

… and I also do PLC programming.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming is often thought of as something everyone can do easily. We often design the system, install the hardware and then start to think about the PLC program and programmers. This approach can be improved. The landscape of PLC programming is changing, and we must also change. Computer Programming / PLC … Read more