Productivity 1000 Series PLC Modbus RTU Serial Communication

The productivity series of PLCs comes with 4 built-in communication ports for easy connectivity to your PC or various industrial networks. Serial protocols like Modbus RTU can be utilized with either the RS232 or RS485 ports on this PLC. Modbus RTU is an open (published) protocol that uses the Master / Slave architecture. It’s a very common protocol used in industrial automation controls.

We will be using the RS485 (2-wire) port to communicate to a Solo Process Temperature Controller. Modbus RTU will be the protocol used on this serial communication media. The PLC will be the master and the Solo process temperature controller will be the slave. You will soon see how the Productivity Series of PLC’s is the best way to handle communication to other devices. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

C-More Micro HMI Object Recipe

The C-More Micro HMI Panel software uses virtual components called Objects. Recipe buttons are part of these objects. The Recipe Button Object changes the value of a tag or multiple tags. The Recipe Button Object looks and acts like a Pushbutton Object on the screen. When the Recipe Button Object is pressed, the values in the Source Data Tags are written to Destination Data Tags.

We will now look at recipes that we can use with our HMI micro panel. They include the recipe button. We will program 3 recipes into the unit that will control 4 different timers. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

CTT Counter Timer Tachometer – Counter Modes

The CTT series from Automation Direct are multi-function digital units. They incorporate a multi-function digital counter, timer and tachometer all within the same unit. The counter mode will operate in five (5) different ways. Up to five different count input modes can be selected. Up, Down, UP/Command Counting Down (UdA), UP/Counting Down (UdC) and Quadrature (UdC) can be selected. We also have a number of output modes to select so this unit can adapt to a great number of applications.

We will be looking at each of the Counter modes using the Up count input on this versatile digital unit. 1-Stage, 2-Stage, Batch, Total and Dual are the modes. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!