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EasyPLC Palletizing Robot Programming Click PLC

The EasyPLC palletizing robot will demonstrate sequencing and robot control using a PLC. This palletization process will fill a box container with six cans. A servo-controlled gantry robot using x and y is used to do this operation. The complete box will then travel along to another conveyor to an unloading area. A robot will then pick up the box and place this on a pallet.
EasyPLC Palletizing Robot Programming Click PLCWe will discuss and show you how to program this EasyPLC palletizing robot machine using the five steps for PLC program development. This will involve all the ladder logic to load and unload using the robot simulator. This PLC simulator will show sequencing instructions. A drum instruction in the PLC will be used with events and a counter to load the box with six cans. Another drum instruction in the PLC, with time, will be used to unload the container onto a pallet. An Automation Direct Click PLC will be used for this application, but the general methods can be used for just about any PLC on the market. Serial Modbus RTU communication between the machine simulator and the Click PLC will be used. An Ethernet connection will be used with the Click programming software. Let’s get started.