CTT Counter Timer Tachometer – Timer Modes

The CTT series from Automation Direct are multi-function digital units. They incorporate a multi-function digital counter, timer and tachometer all within the same unit. The timer mode will operate in twelve (12) different ways.

We will be looking at each of the timer modes on this versatile digital unit. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

Productivity 1000 Series PLC Data Logger

The productivity series of PLCs has a built in data logger. This easy data logger will log up to 64 tag values on a USB (Micro SD) storage device connected to the CPU. The logs will be stored in CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format. Logging can be triggered by the rising edge transition of a Boolean tag (event) or configured to occur at regular intervals (scheduled).

A USB storage device should be normally connected if logging data. The CPU maintains an internal 73KB buffer for temporarily logging data while no USB storage device is present. Data in the buffer will not be retained through a power cycle. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!

C-More Micro HMI Object Meters and Graphs

The C-More Micro HMI Panel software uses virtual components called Objects. Meters and Graphs are part of these objects. They can represent a range of numbers and are programmable to simulate the functions that you require on your automation project. This helps you produce simple, intuitive looking human machine interfaces.

We will now look at the meters and graphs that we can use with our HMI micro panel. They can replace the older chart recorder equipment that is still in use in some manufacturing facilities. These objects will represent the data in the PLC for the user to interpret. Let’s get started. Continue Reading!