XY-MD02 Sensor Setting – Modbus RTU Network

XY-MD02 Sensor Setting - Modbus RTU Network

The XY-MD02 temperature and humidity sensor uses Modbus RTU for communication. Modbus RTU (serial) works as a master (client) to slave (server) communication protocol. To add this sensor to an existing network as another unit number, you must set it up first. We will be using the Simply Modbus Master software in demo mode to … Read more

Integrating XY-MD02 Sensor Modbus RTU Click PLC

Integrating an XY-MD02 Sensor with Modbus RTU into Click PLC

Using Modbus RTU (RS485), we will connect the XY-MD02 Temperature and Humidity Sensor to the Click PLC. The Click will be the Client (Master), and the Sensor will be the Server (Slave). This is an ideal sensor to place in a panel to ensure that the panel is within a working temperature and humidity range. … Read more