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PLC Learning Series – Memory Backup

PLC memory is very similar to personal computer memory. There is the operating system and firmware of the processor and connected modules. PLC programs and data that are used by the program are also stored in the memory.
PLC Learning Series – Memory BackupWe will now look at the basic understanding of memory in the PLC. Looking at two examples of PLC specifications. We will see how the program is stored and how long data memory will remain when the PLC is not powered up. Let’s get started.

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Productivity 1000 Series PLC P1-RX Remote Slave

You can add a remote PLC slave rack of productivity 1000 series modules using a P1-RX. Up to 4 remote I/O base controllers can be added to the P1000 system.
Productivity 1000 Series PLC P1-RX Remote SlaveWe will update our P1-540 CPU unit to a P1-550 CPU to take advantage of remote IO. A P1-RX remote IO-based controller will be added and configured. Let’s get started.