What is a PLC? (Programmable Logic Controller)

What is a PLC? (Programmable Logic Controller)

The most commonly asked question is, “What is a PLC?”. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a computer used to control industrial processes and machinery. It is designed to receive input signals from various sensors, process the information, and then send output signals to handle multiple machines and processes in real time. PLCs are widely … Read more

XY-MD02 Temp Humidity Serial UART Communication

XY-MD02 Temp Humidity Serial UART Communication

To get started with the XY-MD02 temperature and humidity sensor, we will be using the program PuTTY for serial communication. We will use RS485 serial communication to establish a connection and show how to read the values and parameters of the XY-MD02 sensor effectively. Additionally, we will explore the automatic polling feature, which allows for … Read more

Don’t Get Caught Without These 3 PLC Requirements

Don't Get Caught Without These 3 PLC Requirements

If you are looking to purchase a PLC system, there are three key components that you should look for. If your current system does not contain these features, you need to replace it with one that does as soon as possible. The three most important features you should look for in your new PLC system … Read more

PLC Learning Series – HMI – Interfacing

PLC Learning Series – HMI

A human-machine interface (HMI) is present in some form for every PLC. The HMI connects a user to a machine system to exchange information or control data. This interaction with the system can be through hardware or software. HMIs offer different people information and control in many ways for the automated system. Operators, supervisors, mechanics, … Read more

ACC Automation 2021 Review – Industrial Control

ACC Automation 2021 Review - Industrial Control PLC

Accelerate Learning … Accelerate Machines… Accelerate Knowledge… ACC Automation In this Covid-19 world, we are continuing to adapt. Social distancing, mask-wearing, hygiene, etc are the way we currently live. Video conferencing with Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet are the norm in business today. Information is knowledge, and everyone more than ever wants to be able … Read more

Creating a Database in SQL Server Express 2014

Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 is a free, edition of SQL Server this is ideal for learning and developing desktop, web, and small server applications. The database size can be 10 gigabytes in size. SQL Server Express 2014 release includes the full version of SQL Server 2014 Management Studio. We will be using SQL Server … Read more