Testing and Wiring PLC Digital Inputs

Testing and Wiring PLC Digital Inputs

To ensure the proper functioning of any PLC digital input, it is crucial to correctly test and wire the discrete inputs. By understanding the testing process and providing accurate wiring, we can guarantee the optimal performance of our PLC hardware. Testing the inputs allows us to verify that they function as intended and that our … Read more

How to Connect Pushbutton Switch to PLC

How to Connect Pushbutton Switch to Programmable Controller

We will connect a lighted pushbutton switch to a programmable logic controller (PLC). Using our Click PLUS PLC, we will be assembling, wiring, programming, and testing our pushbutton switch system. The Fuji Electric pushbutton, normally open (NC) contact, will be wired to the first PLC (X1) input. The LED light will connect to the Click … Read more

Capacitive Pushbutton Sensor Switch /Indicator

We will now look at the capacitive pushbutton sensor switch and indicator. Normal pushbuttons on a panel are usually a mechanical device. They can become “sticky” when too much dirt or oil is present. Capacitive push buttons do not have moving parts to stick, so the life expectancy is increased. Disinfectant sprays can be applied … Read more