Excel Conditional Movement of Data

Excel Conditional Movement of Data

I have been recently asked how you can move data conditionally on an excel spreadsheet once the information has been obtained from the PLC? Monthly data was being collected from the PLC and put on an excel spreadsheet using Omron CX-Server DDE. They wanted at the beginning of each month to move the data to … Read more

How to Implement Modbus TCP Protocol VBA Excel

We are using Modbus TCP protocol, reading ten registers in the PLC, and displaying a bar graph in Excel. e will use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to communicate with a PLC. Previously we have used VB6 to communicate Modbus TCP. Sequence for Modbus TCP on Excel using VBA The following steps will be done: … Read more

Implementing the Omron CX Server DDE and Excel

Utilizing the CX Server DDE Manager will allow us to provide a link to the information in the Omron PLC. This link can be placed on an Excel spreadsheet. Charts, graphs, etc., can be made from the data. We will create links on an excel spreadsheet from a CQM1H and a CP1L PLC. The information … Read more

Omron Host Link Protocol Part 2 – VBA Excel

We will use VBA in Excel to communicate to an Omron PLC. This will use the serial host link protocol. ACC Omron Host Link VBA In Part 1, we used VB6 to communicate from the computer to the PLC (Host Link Protocol). We will now use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to accomplish the same … Read more