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Productivity 1000 Series PLC Array Functions Part 3

An array is a storage area for a group of common data type tags. They usually have some relationship to each other and need to be manipulated as a group.

Previously we defined an array and use this in an indirect addressing program. It sequenced bits in an output card indirectly. We then looked at the following instructions: Array Statistics (STA), Copy Array (CPA), Fill Array (FLA) and Shift / Rotate Array (SRA). We will now look at the final four array instructions:
Pack Boolean Array (PBA) – Pack an Array of Boolean tags into a destination Word Array
Pack Word Array (PWA) – Convert one 8 bit or 16 bit array into a 16 or 32 bit Destination Array tag.
UnPack Boolean Array (UPBA) – Unpack an Array of Word tags into a destination Boolean Array.
UnPack Word Array (UPWA) – Convert one 32 or 16 bit array source tag into four 8 or 16 bit array tags.
Let’s get started with our final look at arrays in our Productivity 1000 Series PLC. Continue Reading!

ACC Automation 2017 Review

ACC Automation

We would like to take a few minutes and reflect on the past, current and future of ACC Automation. 2017 has been our best year yet thanks to you. Your questions, comments and suggestions have helped us to build the site that you see today.
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