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EasyPLC Paint Line Bit Shift – BRX Do-More PLC

The Machine Simulator (MS) is part of the EasyPLC software suite. It has many built-in machines that are used to show different programming techniques. The paint line is one of these machines. It will use a bit shift (shift register) to track bottles along a conveyor belt. All the bottles will be detected using photocells and tracked along the conveyor. Larger (taller) bottles will be painted and then pushed into a box at different sections of the conveyor belt. A control panel will be used to start and stop the paint line and display the bottle count. The paint line machine simulator is an excellent way to learn how to program shift registers (bit shift) in the PLC.
EasyPLC Paint Line Bit Shift - BRX Do-More PLCThe BRX Do-More PLC will be used to program this virtual paint line machine. Using the BRX Do-More PLC, we will connect to the paint line machine. This will be done using Modbus TCP (Ethernet) for communications. Using the five steps for program development we will show how this is programmed. Let’s get started.

Arduino Industrial Controller Open Devices Productivity Open Shift Register Timers

P1AM Industrial Arduino Watchdog Timer

A watchdog is a piece of code that will timeout when an error occurs in our program. It will usually cause the CPU (program/sketch) to stop or reset.
p1am arduino watchdog timer
We will now look at the instructions for the watchdog timer in productivity blocks. This includes the Configure Watchdog, Start Watchdog, Stop Watchdog, and Pet Watchdog.
p1am arduino watchdog timer
Our sample sketch will modify the P1000 Expansion Digital Inputs and Outputs Part 2 program by adding a watchdog timer.
Let’s get started.

Arduino Industrial Controller Inputs Open Devices Outputs Productivity Open Shift Register

P1AM Arduino P1 Digital Inputs and Outputs 2

In part 1 we added additional discrete digital inputs and outputs modules (cards) to our P1AM-START1 (Industrial Arduino) ProductivityOpen starter kit with Ethernet. A program was then discussed that will print the modules in our system and then set and reset discrete digital inputs and outputs.
P1-16TR – Productivity1000 relay output module, 16-point, 6-24 VDC/6-120 VAC, (16) Form A (SPST) no-suppression, 2 isolated common(s), 8 point(s) per common, 2A/point, 8A/common.
P1-16CDR – Productivity1000 discrete combo module, Input: 8-point, 24 VAC/VDC, sinking/sourcing, Output: 8-point, 6-24 VDC/6-120 VAC, relay, (8) Form A (SPST) relays, 1A/point.
P1-08SIM – Productivity1000 simulator input module, 8-point.

arduino digital inputs outputs
We will now discuss additional instructions in our industrial Arduino controller that will be used with our P1000 (P1) expansion modules. (cards) Our sample sketch will include a simple start/stop circuit and a shifting circuit.
Let’s get started.