PLC Programming Mixing Tank – EasyPLC / Do-More

PLC Programming - Mixing Tank

Previously we looked at the easy PLC machine editor design simulation. We created a mixing tank simulation using the EasyPLC machine editor. The tank included a control panel and operation indication. We will now use the Do-More designer programming software to program the ladder logic for this EasyPLC mixing tank application. The built-in simulator of … Read more

EasyPLC Paint Line Bit Shift – BRX Do-More PLC

EasyPLC Paint Line Bit Shift - BRX Do-More PLC

The Machine Simulator (MS) is part of the EasyPLC software suite. It has many built-in machines that are used to show different programming techniques. The paint line is one of these machines. It will use a bit shift (shift register) to track bottles along a conveyor belt. All the bottles will be detected using photocells … Read more