CH340 CH341 USB to Serial PC Installation

CH340 CH341 USB to Serial PC Installation

If you want to install a USB to RS485 adapter on your computer, you’ve come to the right place. We will use the CH340/341 USB to Serial port, an adapter that translates USB data into RS-485 communication. There is no need for an external power source or a head-scratching setup. It’s as easy as insertion, … Read more

BRX Do-More PLC Modbus RTU to Solo Controller

We will now look at using serial Modbus RTU to communicate to a Solo process temperature controller using our BRX Do-More Controller. Serial communication instructions will allow you to send and receive serial data to an external device. The communication method that you setup can be ASCII or numeric (binary). ASCII (American Standard Communication for … Read more

USB to RS485 PC Adapter Installation

We will be installing a USB to rs485 installation on our computer. The USB-485M is a 2-wire USB to RS-485 serial communication adapter for RS485 use. It does not require an external power supply or complicated configuration.  It has a Type A (plug) USB connector for the computer side and a universal female RJ45/RJ12 … Read more