Testing and Wiring PLC Digital Inputs

Testing and Wiring PLC Digital Inputs

To ensure the proper functioning of any PLC digital input, it is crucial to correctly test and wire the discrete inputs. By understanding the testing process and providing accurate wiring, we can guarantee the optimal performance of our PLC hardware. Testing the inputs allows us to verify that they function as intended and that our … Read more

What is a proximity switch? (Sensor)

What is a Proximity Switch? (Sensor)

What is a proximity switch? A proximity switch is a type of sensor that detects the presence or absence of an object without physical contact. It uses electromagnetic fields, light, or sound to sense the proximity of an object. This technology is widely used in various industries for automation and control purposes. Proximity switches are … Read more

Wiring 3 Wire DC NPN and PNP Sensors

Wiring 3 wire DC sensors can be confusing. I recently received a question on PNP and NPN sensors. They wanted an explanation of what a sink is and how to wire one. Confusion over the Normally Open and Normally Closed function of the sensor is also a common question. Several diagrams will show a resistor … Read more

Wiring an Inductive NPN PNP Sensor – Click PLC

We will now look at wiring an NPN and PNP inductive proximity sensor to the Click PLC. A proximity sensor (switch) is able to detect object presence without physical contact like a limit switch. No physical contact means that the switch has no parts that will wear out. The life span of the sensor is … Read more