How to Connect Pushbutton Switch to PLC

How to Connect Pushbutton Switch to Programmable Controller

We will connect a lighted pushbutton switch to a programmable logic controller (PLC). Using our Click PLUS PLC, we will be assembling, wiring, programming, and testing our pushbutton switch system. The Fuji Electric pushbutton, normally open (NC) contact, will be wired to the first PLC (X1) input. The LED light will connect to the Click … Read more

Click PLC EasyPLC Warehouse Stacker Example

Click PLC EasyPLC Warehouse Stacker Operation

The Machine Simulator (MS) is part of the EasyPLC software suite. It has many built-in machines that are used to show different programming techniques. The warehouse stacker example is one of these machines. Pallets are loaded and unloaded into the stacker machine. A maximum of 30 pallets can be stored. The stacker will work as … Read more

Productivity 2000 Series PLC First Program

Productivity 2000 Series PLC First Program

We will be creating our first Productivity 2000 Series PLC program. This will be done in ladder logic. The default physical IO and PLC task management will be discussed. Previously we communicated to our productivity 2000 PLC and automatically created the hardware configuration. We also set the hot-swap feature of our physical input and output … Read more

Productivity 1000 Series PLC Math Instructions

Math instructions are used to perform mathematical calculations. The Productivity 1000 Series PLC has math instructions that can be used in a wide variety of applications. We will be looking at the Data Statistics (DATA) and the Math Editor (MATH). The automation system that you implement may involve these instructions. As a system integrator, you … Read more